Content Harry Potter Jane Austen by Pamela St Vines


gareemagoyal posted a comment on Thursday 21st May 2020 5:35am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

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sylvelle posted a comment on Tuesday 10th March 2015 4:01pm for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

What was it Kissinger and Nixon said "Peace with Honor" yeah right.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Friday 2nd January 2009 2:47pm for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

How did I miss the postine of this chapter? Oh Well, I found it today when I was exploring and I was feeling badly abused because I had not received a notice of this posting.
As you usually do the chapter is a total delight to read and it has equal amounts of normal living and battle. The peace in our time is certainly memory producing for me as I was living and with a memory of the "peace in our time" philosphy of Mr. Chamberlain. At least he got almost a year out of his foolish maunderings. Poor Fudge only gets one week and then he learns about his breand of foolishness. And then to Top off my chapter Harry declares his love for Ginny. Wonderful!!! Thank you for your kind words about my name for Clarinda's shop. Carol Layland-Veach

Carolyn Jinn posted a comment on Sunday 30th November 2008 4:03pm for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

You have just made yourself another loyal fanfiction reader. I think this story is absolutely great.

The amount of history and side-plots in the story are amazing. Sometimes the history is a bit much to read, BUT once I have read it, it just seems to make the story ....ummm..more believable.

All of the characters seem to be alot more mature. The way Harry and Ginny finally have their first kiss was just 'wonderful'.

I just can't wait for the rest of the story.

Please don't leave all us loyal and anxious readers waiting to long. Again, congratulations on a well written and planned out story.

kate19 posted a comment on Saturday 29th November 2008 2:14am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

i'm still reading this one through. like the BIG chapters am a fan of stories that have BIG chapters! also love the maturity that harry shows. the only thing i want to ask, and i understand that you may have had to answer that question multiple times by readers, is how much does it differ from 'The Granger Defense'?? other than the hermione/ginny difference? anyway, love it so far as i have read and in the next 2 days or today maybe i will be reading the rest. bye

Harold Clark posted a comment on Monday 3rd November 2008 2:41am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

I have read this chapter several times now and still find it to be so well-constructed that I see many threads and subplots developing. Well, done! great action! impressive character development! Well, I am not satiated yet; hoping for more - I dare not hope for better but then you are always doing more!

Beahmont posted a comment on Tuesday 7th October 2008 8:44am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

I have been a fan of this series since its inception, until about Chapter 19. And I would still be a fan and not someone reading on in morbid curiosity if not for the total absence of logical timeline progression since that chapter. Since then it seems to be one logical train wreck after another. Since Mr. St. Vines enjoys writing back and side stories so much perhaps he could explain how if muggle technology is so much better than magic, wizards(excuse me British Wizards and to a lesser extent it seems European Wizards, apparently the American Wizard's flatulence has no odder), are obviously the stupidest variant of the human species, and magic isn't really magic but some kind of science that only certain people can do (and has a poor concept of reality as well given that a lead and gold block some of it's effects, but for some people it doesn't need too. And yet it interacts with only certain kinds of electricity, only there is only one kind of electricity!)that the problems of the story could exist!

By his own accounting 300+ muggles with enchanted weapons and armor brutally slaughtered a huge proportion of Dark Wizards. This leads to the question of how some muggle born has not come along and done something similar to the purebloods before now, and especially since the invention of the firearm, which has been around in the world since the 1400's? And on this topic how come the muggle and squib born members of "Her Majesties Magical Forces" have not done something about this before now? Especially if muggleborns are almost automatically more powerful than purebloods!

The previous is purely a thematic and story concern, but I'm also curious as to how things could have ended up the way they did if old people in authority are obviously so stupid and wrong as they have been written? It seems as if they achieved their power and prowess and then all of a sudden became functionally retarded. I just don't understand how in this reality things came to be?

And another thing of note that I've noticed in many fictions recently is this constant portrayal of many canon elders as incompetent, but all the younger characters on the light always seem to come out smelling like roses at the end. Yes Albus Dumbledore is human and has flaws people, get over it. Much as I will say Harry can't always be right and still end up in the hospital or hurt, Dumbledore can't always be wrong and stupid because he says things that Harry disagrees with. Has anyone else noticed that the Philosopher's stone would have been perfectly fine without Harry getting involved? That in fact it was Harry's involvement that put the stone in jeopardy. Yes, he was a real hero in 2, but he was just as responsible for the mess in 3 as he was for creating a solution for some of the problems. In 4 his own ego drove him to want to win when he only had to compete. If he'd done the real honorable thing he would have thrown the games so that the people who were actually supposed to be there would have the spotlight and the prize. 5 was a mess all the way around and everyone from Dumbledore to Harry, more so Harry, has a good portion of blame to go around. Though amusingly enough Harry and Dumbledore are at opposites as far as causes go. Dumbledore trusted Harry to keep his word too much and Harry LIED to Dumbledore's face when he told him he would trust him and do what he asked of him. In other words Harry's problem was that he didn't trust the adults in his life enough, some of it admittedly with good reason, but most of his reasons came from his own actions. 6 was played out just as the writer wrote it and their are really no big mistakes or blame to go around. In fact Harry makes up some ground by actually remembering his gifts this time and letting his friends use it. 7 is the ultimate proof that Harry is a real hero. He's flawed just like everyone else but he does his best to do what's right. And everyone agrees it is a good thing for Harry. But when Dumbledore, or sometimes McGonagall, Molly, and Sirius do the same thing it is manipulative old coots at work.

I have to say that I'm disappointed in the work since the end of Chapter 19. The thing that drew me to this fiction was it's realistic portrayal certain aspects of life at the start, in spite of it's overwhelming statements that the bad guys and wizards incompetent. The system of government is unique and very fascinating. The depiction of Fudge and Umbridge are spot on for the setting. The extra characters that have been introduced are fully fleshed out individuals that make you think they really have been around the whole time and are not simply plot devices. I love the economy, the vampires, the other nations, and sometimes I even like relationship between Harry and Dumbledore, until we start in with the now obligatory bashings. Hell, I'm not even put off by the obvious religious overtones. In fact sometimes they are indeed highly appropriate and welcomed plot devices. Harry is a little off from the circumstances in my opinion, and Ginny seems to be far too complacent for my tastes, but these are admittedly opinions and later chapters may reveal more detailed causes for such actions. Overall they feel like real people and not puppets being lead down a forced Deus ex Machina. This is far more than I can say for a great many fictions.

All in all I like this fiction. But I'm just not a fan any more. I think if logical reasons could be explained for the thematic concerns I expressed then I could grow to be a fan again. And I want that. I want to return to the point were I was checking two, and sometimes three, times a day to see if this fiction had been updated. Until then, I'm going to have to give this one a 3/5 and hope for answers in later chapters.

Harold Clark posted a comment on Thursday 2nd October 2008 7:48am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

Wow! That is action and drama and romance and nobility opposed inaction(Fudge), cowardice, (Fudge), cruelty and curlishness.

Let this not be the end! There is so much to be written!

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Sunday 28th September 2008 10:36am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

Exciting chapter(s). But what happened to Jenkins of MID and the apparently coordinated DE attack on Harry? Nothing seems to have been said about it after Harry woke up from it.

Thanks for sharing these with us.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2008 7:55am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

*snicker* I rather loved that bit about Hufflepuffs being rather deadly in defending folk, it's what I'd expect from their nature rather than the timidity they've sometimes been shown as. I daresay the Deeters are not going to be in a good mood when what was supposed to be a painless (to them) and simple attack turned out to be anything but and people fought back instead of cringing in fear. Tom's really not going to like that.

Cromi posted a comment on Sunday 21st September 2008 2:13pm for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

Success once again. The only part that stops your story from being the best is that you leave us hanging so often, you cruel bastard =D

knightsbridge posted a comment on Saturday 20th September 2008 6:38am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

The wait for this chapter was well worth it. This is an amazing story by an equally amazing writer.

While I look forward to more, I also realise what it must take to write two stories at one time, and have either of them make sese.

And you DO always leave us with cliffhangers to think about, yeah?


Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 17th September 2008 5:59pm for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

This is an excellent chapter. I really like the differences between the Granger Defense and this story. I like both approaches but I'll have to admit to being a real H/G fan. The way that Ginny reacted at the fight at Gringots was really excellent. She appreciated the fact that Harry needed to protect her but was also not trying to exclude her from helping. The fact that he mongered a spell to save her from falling was great. That was a really great scene not to mention that Harry finally told Ginny how he really feels about her. That was very well done. Thank you so much. I look forward to more double updates in the future. You do such a great job it makes me greedy for more but take your time. I can wait. Thanks again. pms

Rexnos posted a comment on Wednesday 17th September 2008 2:15am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

I saw the attack coming the second I heard "Peace-in-our-time." Predictable as all get out, but I'm not complaining. Your action sequences are pretty sweet. Harry took out a giant with a giant flaming ballista bolt.

Neville was also a bad ass. Taking on about a dozen death eaters and a hulking giant with a blowgun. A BLOWGUN!

Too much to say... Glad Harry and Ginny are together finally, the sword of Gryffindor moment made me squee, and politics are amusing. That is all.


jdcox61 posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 2:09pm for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

what a great chapter, but fudge is just a cluster fuck. I laughed out loud just imagining fudge standing there shouting I surrender!

LeprechaunJV posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 4:22am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

Good chapter.....
I would love to read about the wizagemont session after this attack and how fudge/umbridge/etc etc are handled.
Look forward to next update...

kauri posted a comment on Sunday 14th September 2008 3:38pm for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

That, was an Amazing chapter, i really cant say much more than that :) I hope to see more on your idea about the House of Potter :D

Truly an Amazing chapter !


jewels posted a comment on Sunday 14th September 2008 9:00am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

Simply great chapter.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Sunday 14th September 2008 8:41am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

Hi Aaran, I was so glad to see this posting and as a Retired Teacher of both English and History I was happy to see the lessons of history repeated here. Tragically if one does not learn from history then one must repeat it and I thank you for this lesson in these so very dangerous times. The story is most interesting and so very well written it is a real pleasure to be following this story.>Carol

jimnjoye posted a comment on Sunday 14th September 2008 8:08am for Chapter Twenty-One - Peace In Our Time

Great Chapter!! I hope Dumbledore begins to change his ideas about coddling deatheaters and would-be deatheaters. I'm surprised Hermoine was only using stunners, I would have thought her father would have made it clear to her that "Great Scott, Hermione, This is War!"
Good to see Harry and Ginny finally starting to show their love. Luna and Fred, though, took me by surprise. For some reason, and a can't think of a single reason why, I always pictured her with George if she was going to date a Weasley. Is this attack going to be an inspiration for Augusta to start paying attention to politics? An active Longbottom should be a formidable ally. You totally took me by surprise with the blowdart. It was a great idea. You had me thinking the deatheater and Neville were going to go at each other hand to hand.
I love your writing, and have been anxiously waiting the next chapter of In the Eye of the Beholder.