Content Harry Potter Jane Austen by Pamela St Vines

I am a marketing consultant by profession, and I studied history at university. I am facing my fiftieth birthday next summer, and my twenty-fifth anniversary this December, 2006. We are the happiest married couple on the planet, and we are still on our honeymoon. Except for the occasional one-shot, my love of history reflects in my writing in a number of ways. I use canon as a springboard to do all of the necessary historical research in both the Muggle and magical worlds to flesh out my tales. Also, I have particularly benefited by interviewing and reading the extracts of the researchers at the International Wizarding Archeological Society based at Hogsmeade, and the Societe Archeologheek Wizardre in Paris. The Maghekhal Ministeria du Romainie in Bucharest has no separate archeology department, but they have also been of great assistance in my past writing endeavors. Of course, my fortunate series of interviews in 2023 with Harry Potter, just after the first time he resigned as Minister of Magic, have proven invaluable in clarifying what actually happened in many missing moments in magical history. The writers that have been the most influence on me are: Tom Clancy, Jane Austen, Bernard Cornwall, C. S. Lewis, C. S. Forester, Jack Trout and Al Ries, Harry Turtledove, Barbara Tuchman, Francis Schaeffer, and John Caples. However, the Bible has had the most profound impact on my life, far out stripping the influence of all of these other authors combined. I will soon be revealing how the magical world uses computers. Of course this will not occur in Great Britain until 1996 (post OotP), but the technology will be imported to Hogwarts from the Madison Academy in America just before the start of Harry's sixth year. (Just a hint - Macs rule.) My pen name is not an attempt to be the first in lists. I chose that pseudonym long before I had ever heard of fanfiction, when the idea of being alphabetized by first name was an unimaginable concept.